Experience the classics as they were meant to be – on the BIG SCREEN! Each week we program repertory films in addition to our regular programming to be presented in our restored main auditorium.


General Admission – $10
Students, Seniors & Children – $9
Early Bird & Matinee – $7
3D Upcharge – $2

Raising Arizona

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Showing on 1/11 (8pm), 1/15 (10am), 1/16 (1pm) & 1/17 (1pm) on the Big Screen!

Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter, Trey Wilson

Recidivist hold-up man H.I. McDonnough and police woman Edwina marry, only to discover they are unable to conceive a child. Desperate for a baby, the pair decide to kidnap one of the quintuplets of furniture tycoon Nathan Arizona. The McDonnoughs try to keep their crime secret, while friends, co-workers and a feral bounty hunter look to use Nathan Jr. for their own purposes. (DCP | 1.85 : 1 | 95min)

Showing on 1/18 (8pm), 1/22 (10am), 1/23 (1pm) & 1/24 (1pm) on the Big Screen!

Sean Connery, Gert Fröbe, Honor Blackman

Bond is back and his next mission takes him to Fort Knox, where Auric Goldfinger and his henchman are planning to raid Fort Knox and obliterate the world economy. To save the world once again, Bond will need to become friends with Goldfinger, dodge killer hats and avoid Goldfinger’s personal pilot, the sexy Pussy Galore. She might not have feelings for Bond, but will 007 help her change her mind? (DCP | 1.37 : 1 | 110min)

Moonrise Kingdom

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Showing on 1/25 (8pm), 1/29 (10am), 1/30 (1pm) & 1/31 (1pm) on the Big Screen!

Jared Gilman, Kara Hayward, Bruce Willis

Set on an island off the coast of New England in the 1960s, as a young boy and girl fall in love they are moved to run away together. Various factions of the town mobilize to search for them and the town is turned upside down — which might not be such a bad thing. (DCP | 1.85 : 1 | 95min)

Groundhog Day

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Showing on 2/1 (8pm), 2/5 (10am), 2/6 (1pm) & 2/7 (1pm) on the Big Screen!

Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell and Chris Elliott

A weather man is reluctantly sent to cover a story about a weather forecasting “rat” (as he calls it). This is his fourth year on the story, and he makes no effort to hide his frustration. On awaking the ‘following’ day he discovers that it’s Groundhog Day again, and again, and again. First he uses this to his advantage, then comes the realisation that he is doomed to spend the rest of eternity in the same place, seeing the same people do the same thing EVERY day. (DCP | 1.85 : 1 | 101min)

The Shining

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Showing on 2/8 (8pm), 2/12 (10am), 2/13 (1pm) & 2/14 (1pm) on the Big Screen!

Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, and Danny Lloyd

Signing a contract, Jack Torrance, a normal writer and former teacher agrees to take care of a hotel which has a long, violent past that puts everyone in the hotel in a nervous situation. While Jack slowly gets more violent and angry of his life, his son, Danny, tries to use a special talent, the “Shining”, to inform the people outside about whatever that is going on in the hotel. (DCP | 1.37 : 1 | 145min)


Showing on 2/15 (8pm), 2/19 (10am), 2/20 (1pm) & 2/21 (1pm) on the Big Screen!

Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young and Carl Weathers

Rocky Balboa is a struggling boxer trying to make the big time, working as a debt collector for a pittance. When heavyweight champion Apollo Creed visits Philadelphia, his managers want to set up an exhibition match between Creed and a struggling boxer, touting the fight as a chance for a “nobody” to become a “somebody”. The match is supposed to be easily won by Creed, but someone forgot to tell Rocky, who sees this as his only shot at the big time. (DCP | 1.33 : 1 | 120min)

Polyester (in Odorama)

Showing on 2/22 (8pm), 2/26 (10am), 2/27 (1pm) & 2/28 (1pm) on the Big Screen!

Divine, Tab Hunter and Edith Massey

Francine Fishpaw is an upper middle class suburban housewife in Baltimore. Unfortunately for this “good Christian woman”, the money to support her lifestyle comes from her husband’s porno theater, the neighbors are protesting, her son is the notorious “Baltimore Stomper”, her daughter is knocked up by a local hoodlum, and her husband is having an affair with his secretary. (DCP | 1.85 : 1 | 86min)

The Deer Hunter

One night only! 3/1 at 7:30pm on the Big Screen.

Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, Meryl Streep and John Cazale

Michael, Steven and Nick are young factory workers from Pennsylvania who enlist into the Army to fight in Vietnam. Before they go, Steven marries the pregnant Angela, and their wedding party also serves as the men’s farewell party. After some time and many horrors, the three friends fall in the hands of the Vietcong and are brought to a prison camp in which they are forced to play Russian roulette against each other. Michael makes it possible for them to escape, but they soon get separated again.


Showing on 3/5 (10am), 3/6 (1pm) & 3/7 (1pm) on the Big Screen!

David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly and Toby Froud

The teenager Sarah is forced by her father and her stepmother to babysit her baby brother Toby while they are outside home. Toby does not stop crying and Sarah wishes that her brother be taken by the Goblin King. Out of the blue, Toby stops crying and when Sarah looks for him in the cradle, she learns that he wish was granted and the Goblin King Jarethhas taken him to his castle in the Goblin City in the middle of a labyrinth. Sarah repents an asks Jareth to give Toby back; but the Goblin King tells that she has to rescue her brother before midnight, otherwise Toby will be turned into a goblin. Soon Sarah teams up with the coward goblin Hoggle, the beast Ludo and the knight Didymus and his dog Ambrosius in her journey. Will they rescue Toby in time? (DCP | Scope | 101min)

Spy Kids

Showing on 3/8 (7:30pm), 3/12 (10am), 3/13( (1pm) & 3/14 (1pm) on the Big Screen!

Alexa PenaVega, Daryl Sabara, Antonio Banderas, Teri Hatcher, Tony Shalhoub, Danny Trejo and Richard Linklater

Gregorio and Ingrid are the two greatest secret agents the world has ever known: masters of disguise, mavens of invention, able to stop wars before they even start. Working for separate countries, they are sent to eliminate their most dangerous enemy…each other. But in an exotic corner of the world when they finally come face to face, they fall in love instead and embark on the most dangerous mission they have ever faced: raising a family. Now nine years later, after their retirement, having exchanged the adventure of espionage for parenthood, Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez are called back in to action. When their former colleagues, the world’s most formidable spies, start disappearing one by one, the Cortez’s are forced to take on techno-wizard Fegan Floop and his evil, egg-headed sidekick, Minion. But when the unthinkable happens and they too disappear, unfortunately there are only two people in the world who can rescue them…their kids. (DCP | Flat | 90min)

The Warriors

One night only! 3/15 at 8pm on the Big Screen.

Michael Beck, James Remar, David Harris, Dorsey Wright and Brian Tyler

In 1979, a charismatic leader summons the street gangs of New York City in a bid to take it over. When he is killed, The Warriors are falsely blamed and now must fight their way home while every other gang is hunting them down to kill them. (DCP | 1.85 : 1 | 95min)

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