On your next visit to The Senator, you'll notice that we have made several upgrades to ensure the safety of all our guests and employees. Our policies and procedures meet or exceed CinemaSafe standards. Learn more at CinemaSafe.org.

Safety Guidelines & Upgrades

Face Masks Required for All
For your safety and for ours, masks are required for all guests and staff throughout the theatre. Please ensure that your mask is covering your nose and mouth (no loose face coverings). Your mask must not have any vents or exhalation valves.

Temperature Checks for Staff
All staff members of The Senator (including management) will have their temperatures read before the start of their shift. All staff will be required to check in immediately if they start to feel any symptom such as fever or cough. They will be required to self-quarantine until symptom free for at least 72 hours before they are allowed to return to work.

Glass Partitions at the Concession Stand and Ticket-tearing station
In addition to the protection offered by face masks we have installed glass partitions at the ticket-tearing station and at the concession stand. Guests and staff are to stand behind the glass partitions while communicating.

Replacement of hand dryers in bathrooms with auto paper towel dispensers
To prevent the spread of bacteria there are no longer any hand dryers in our bathrooms. Towel dispensers with hand sensors are now available in the bathrooms.

Floor Markers
Floor markers have been placed down every 6 feet to ensure proper social distancing at the concession stand.

Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizing stations dispensing 70% alcohol-based cleanser are placed at strategic locations around the theatre.

Touchless Ticketing
Guests can pre-purchase tickets before arriving to the theatre and are encouraged to do so. Our new bar code scanners at every terminal and at the ticket-tearing station ensure that you will not have to touch any device. Simply present your email confirmation with bar code–either by displaying same on your phone or on a printout–to the ticket taker or scan the bar code yourself at either of our self-ticketing kiosks.

Touchless Payment Option
Self swipe (or tap & pay) EMVs are now available at every terminal at the theatre if you intend to pay when you arrive. Alternatively you may buy your ticket(s) ahead of time (and are encouraged to do so) using our FREE app available at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Simply search for “The Senator Theatre.”

Reserved Seating in all Auditoriums
Guests may now select their seats before arriving to the theatre and avoid Box Office and Lobby lines. After the purchase is made an email with your bar code will be sent to you. Simply have that bar code ready when you arrive and scan it yourself at either of our self-ticketing kiosks or at the ticket-tearing station.

Our policies and procedures meet or exceed CinemaSafe standards. Learn more about our new health and safety protocols at www.CinemaSafe.org

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